Silverback Aviator Controller

Touch screen multi-function controller
with LCD display

The Aviator touchscreen controller is designed to manage a mini-network of Silverback X high volume, low speed EC fans. This multi-fan control system features a wall mounted 9cm LCD touchscreen display that communicates to each fan individually from a central location. It can alter the fan speed in real time by simply increasing or decreasing the percentage value on the display. Each fan can be individually turned on or off by touching the relevant power button icon.

Fan selection control

The Aviator can control up to 4 Silverback X HVLS fans from one convenient digital controller.

HVLS communication

The communication between the Silverback X HVLS fans is established by ‘daisy chaining’ the fans together via a discreet RS485 cable.

Easy to use

The Aviator controller is incredibly user friendly. The easy to read, touchscreen display allows you to operate individual fans with just a tap of your finger.

Run-on timer

The Aviator digital controller also features an adjustable run-on timer for applications that require the fans to continue running for a pre-set period. Particularly suitable for sports centres and working environments where the Silverback HVLS fans are required to operate to a set time.


Fan selection


User settings


Fan speed adjustment


Run-on timer settings

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