Versatile, strong and sexy. Yes it’s a ceiling fan.

Elta Trade’s Response Series ducted ceiling exhaust fans are making waves in the market with their long list of benefits and advanced technology. We break down just what the Response Series is and the benefits it can bring you next project. 



There are two product categories in the Response Series, each bringing their own benefits and features.

Rapid Response 

The Rapid Response is unlike any exhaust fan. It is the most powerful performing ducted ceiling fan in its class with airflow capabilities up to 346m³/h. With an IP Rating of IPX5, it has superior waterproof protection compared to other exhaust fans. This model can be used in any application, from residential to large scale commercial.

Silent Response 

Don’t sacrifice power for a quieter exhaust fan. With its compact design, the Silent Response is perfect for smaller toilets and powder rooms in the home where loud fans can be disrupting. With noise levels of just 29 decibels at 3 metres, this exhaust fan is whisper quiet with the capability to deliver high powered performance.



Both the Rapid and Silent Response products are supported by Elta Trade exclusive Apex Air Science Technology. Apex Air Science products represent the best in fan engineering, redefining the ventilation standard. 

Apex Air Science products are designed, developed, and manufactured by true fan engineers with each detail being meticulously examined and optimised. These fans are energy efficient, high performance products that have to go through rigorous, accurate testing in some of the world’s most sophisticated laboratories. Built to perform and outlast its competitors, Apex Air Science products are market leaders. 

Two years of design and testing went into creating the Response Series and it has resulted in providing the most powerful fan of its class with the quietest noise levels. Designed with the homeowner in mind, they are easy to install and have the durability and performance to justify their long five-year warranty. 

The Response Series has a number of unique design aspects enable the fan to achieve the high performance, high quality functions that are expected of Apex Air Science.

The Response Series fans are aerodynamically engineered to allow air to flow through the fan with the least possible resistance. Their inlets have been shaped to provide the smoothest entry for air and the expansion chamber is situated in the optimum position to guide airflow out.

The fans have specially designed toughened forward curved centrifugal impeller with an optimised variable radius inlet path. The blades are positioned at specific angles and intervals to achieve maximum airflow and efficiency. 

The motor is dynamically balanced with a hardened steel shaft. The sealed for life ball bearings guarantee an extra long life span and high performance.

Even the additional grilles have been aerodynamically engineered to allow air to flow from the room and through the fan with minimal possible resistance, resulting in smooth efficient airflow and low noise levels.



Both Rapid and Silent Response products were designed in Australia with performance and aesthetics in mind. Both products can be used with a range of modern design grills in either black or white to suit any decor.

Still not convinced? Check out this video that shows the exact power of the Rapid Response Fan 

If you would like to know more about the Response Series and how you can get your hands on the most powerful fan of its class, give our sales team a call to discuss.